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Interim Leadership

Whether planned or unexpected, leadership transitions can be a precarious time for an organization.


We understand the pivotal role that effective leadership plays in driving organizational success. When gaps in leadership occur due to transitions, sudden departures, or specific project needs, we bring a tailored solution that ensures your business remains on course.


Why is Interim Leadership a key component of your leadership transition success?

  • Certified Interim Executives bring specialized skills and a methodical management practice informed by international best practices

  • Interim leadership offers an independent perspective

  • An interim leader affords your organization the time needed to hire the right permanent leader

  • Interim leaders bring a sense of urgency that propels the organization forward


Karin Sabey is a seasoned and certified Interim Executive Leader who is at home in transitioning environments. Her ability to convey a clear and compelling success picture instills confidence and converts anxiety into the momentum needed to achieve desired outcomes.

Our Interim Leadership services deliver:

  1. Strategic Problem Solving: We don't just fill a seat. We actively integrate into your team to identify challenges, devise effective strategies, and implement actionable plans that drive results. Our independent perspective also brings innovative solutions to light.

  2. Flexible Engagement: We recognize that every situation is unique. Whether you need an interim leader for a few weeks or several months, our flexible engagement options are designed to accommodate your specific timeline and goals. Services can be delivered on site or as a hybrid model.

  3. Smooth Transition: Change doesn't have to be disruptive. Keen emotional intelligence and years of change management expertise allow us to integrate seamlessly into your organization, ensuring a smooth transition back to permanent leadership.

  4. Unparalleled Network: Access our network of industry leaders, influencers, and experts. This deep pool of resources expands opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking to enhance your organization's growth.


We are standing by to provide you with experienced interim leadership to bring a stabilizing presence. Leveraging the full spectrum of our experience and expertise, Interim Leadership services include organizational and operational assessments, process improvement, change management, leadership development and succession activities. 

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